Upper School Students Pledge Their Commitment to the Honor Code

On Wednesday, September 30, Upper School students continued the tradition of formally and publicly pledging their commitment to NSA’s Honor Code at our Honor Council Assembly. Honor Council Chairman Emily Mason ’16 welcomed the student body by stating that they were making this commitment, “not just because Honor Above All is our school motto, but because as a student body, we regard honor as the keystone of our community. One day, we will all leave NSA and go on to lead our lives in different professions throughout the country and around the globe. But while we are here at NSA, we have come together as one community to take the time to pledge to one another that we will all lead our daily lives guided by a single honor code. Because we have chosen to live within this prescribed code, we will leave NSA with our heads held high, knowing we have lived in an honorable fashion. Our commitment to integrity will be the most important foundation once we depart for college and beyond.”
The Honor Code promotes students to strive for excellence while maintaining integrity. It was implemented at NSA to remind students to hold one another accountable for their actions and to push one another to consciously make choices that uphold the standards of the Honor Code.

Alumnus LeCardi Johnson ’05, who is a graduate of Old Dominion University and a successful business owner, served as our guest speaker and reminded the students the importance of our motto Honor Above All and of the word honor. “We have heard it so much that it can be easy to tune out. Honor is not only important here at NSA, but it is important in life period. Throughout your years at NSA, after graduation and even as an adult, you will be challenged to maintain your integrity and to be honest and honorable at all times. Do not ever allow yourself to tune out the motto of Honor Above All no matter the situation. You only live once. Make sure that you live the one life that you have by the motto of Honor Above All. I want to encourage you to tune in. Once again, tune in - be conscious of the decisions you make, and do your best each day to remain honorable regardless of the circumstance.”

Each class stood while their class president pledged on their behalf their commitment to follow and uphold Nansemond-Suffolk Academy’s Honor Code. At the same time, the class officers from each grade signed a proclamation that will be framed and placed in the Upper School as a daily reminder of their commitment.
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy is a coeducational, college preparatory private school located in Suffolk, VA. Pre-kindergarten - Grade 12.