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Theatre Arts

Theatre Class

Theatre class offers the first-year, curious student an opportunity to explore theatre through participation in class workshops and through participation in three theatrical productions during the school year. These performances give the students experience performing in a dramatic one-act play, in a Broadway Musical production, and in an experimental ensemble work (like a mockumentary).  College-bound / career-bound students develop their skills from year to year by integrating more advanced studies into their experience:  Independent application of popular acting methods--from the Stanislavski “Method” to the Group Theatre and American influences of Strasberg, Spolin, Meisner, and Hagen to the German influences of Brecht, to the Shakespearean studies of Brine, Marowitz, Van Tassell and Smith, to the avant-garde mental and physical demands of the Suzuki discipline, to the contemporary focus on nine viewpoints of Bogart and Landau.  The graduating senior celebrates his culminating experience with a monologue performance prepared as his audition piece for theatre schools/film schools.

Stage Crafts and Technical Production

This course offers something for everyone and is fondly referred to as "the magic shop." The fashion designers and dressers get to create amazing costumes and take care of the costumes and assist an actor during scene changes. The hairdresser and makeup artist bring characters to life with creative concepts like transforming actors into zombies. The artist creates the visual world for the actors from scenic design to quirky props.The wood shop craftsman transforms piles of lumber and old frames into great castle walls or window frames or fancy doorways or window seats and staircases. The mechanics crew brainstorm and solve the mystery behind making props that move, bend, roll, fall apart, blow up. The gadget and computer wizard programs the lighting and sound and creates all the noise and special lighting effects for the psychological atmosphere of the play. The stage crew morphs into silent sentries as they work the physical sets during the production. This course gives students a chance to experience theatre from behind the scenes while developing job skills and gaining a rewarding sense of achievement for their part in such a large collaborative project.
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy is a coeducational, college preparatory private school located in Suffolk, VA. Pre-kindergarten - Grade 12.