A College Preparatory Private School with Two Campuses in Suffolk, VA. Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12.

Upper School Student Life

Cultivating a passionately engaged and supportive student community is one of the most important goals of our school.

Upper School students are uniquely committed to participating in every aspect of the NSA experience. From academics to athletics to the arts, students find classmates—plus teachers, coaches, and advisors—who challenge them to take their ideas to the next level, who support them when they’re in doubt and who cheer them on when they confront their biggest obstacles. It’s this kind of peer group and community that helps students feel comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking the positive risks they need to become their best selves. 

Seniors attending their first On the Road Reunion at Top Golf

Character and Leadership

Honor is truly “Above All” at NSA. Our Honor Code is more than just words. It is our commitment to place honesty and integrity above everything else, and each and every member of the community has a vital role to play in upholding this commitment that stays with students for a lifetime.

A member of the Honor Council at the annual Honor Council Assembly

Leadership Opportunities

Through participation in sports and opportunities such as the Student Council Organization, Judicial Council, the Student Board, or as a club officer, students learn to lead their peers and work together to achieve common goals.
Student Council President Addressing the Student Body

 “The leadership positions that I have had at NSA have taught me what it means to proactively make changes in my community. I have had so many opportunities to work directly with NSA’s wonderful administration to voice the opinions of the student body. It goes to show that NSA truly has the student’s best interest at heart. “ Sarah Wren, Class of 2020

Traditions and Special Events

NSA has established many cherished traditions that help promote a sense of community and provide continuity from one generation of students to the next. From Convocation to Commencement, the year is filled with events and celebrations in support of our students’ artistic, athletic and academic achievements.

Service Learning and Interest Clubs

Upper School Students Participating in our Annual Day of Caring

Upper School students are encouraged to explore and pursue their passions by participating in one service club and one interest club.

Service learning allows Upper School students to explore their values and beliefs, learn about social issues and grow their understanding of diverse cultures and communities. Meetings are held during community time to allow every student to participate. From building playsets for children fighting pediatric cancer to raising money for an orphanage in Haiti, there are opportunities that match every interest. Students are also encouraged to start new clubs. Every year, NSA also partners with organizations throughout Hampton Roads for our annual Day of Caring, where students and faculty members spend the day giving back to our community.

Upper School Student

Advisory Program

While many adults in our school community will be involved in the academic and extracurricular life of each student, the advisor, more than any other adult, is connected to the student in every facet of the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Upper School experience. The advisor serves a vital role in streamlining communication between students and teachers, counselors, athletic coaches, club sponsors, parents and the administration.

Students begin their freshman year with an advisor who will stay with them throughout their entire Upper School tenure. During the daily advisory period, students build relationships with their advisor through conversations about academics and programs fostering personal growth. Through a variety of one-on-one conversations, collaborative lessons and community events, our advisors are our first line of student support for both students and families in NSA’s Upper School.

Upper School students on the Day of Caring

Community Time

Upper School students have Community Time every day that is used for a wide range of activities, including advisory meetings, assemblies, club meetings as well as for attending office hours with teachers. Upper School assemblies allow the community to come together to showcase the talents of the student body, to highlight academic, artistic and athletic achievements, to host special guests and speakers and to make club announcements. During the spring semester, advisories plan and implement the annual Day of Caring event by partnering with local organizations in service activities.