A College Preparatory Private School with Two Campuses in Suffolk, VA. Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12.

Innovation Lab

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy’s Innovation Lab is a central maker-space for all students to develop and grow their natural curiosity through hands-on projects. Our innovation specialist collaborates with students and faculty members from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 to provide resources to build on the concepts learned in the classroom.
Through project-based learning, students are identifying solutions to social, environmental and personal problems to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subject area that they are studying. Translating an idea into another medium requires them to gain a true understanding of the project's complexities and its parts, resulting in a higher level of understanding. By encouraging students to create and construct solutions to real-world problems, they are learning to invent and inventing to learn - all while developing important skills like brainstorming, critical thinking and collaboration.

Upper School Courses

Equipment and Software

  • 3D Printers and Scanners
  • Laser Cutters
  • Flight Simulator
  • Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Drones
  • CNC Router
  • LatheMill
  • Injection Molder
  • Vacuum Former
  • Soldering and Electronics Equipment Components
  • Arduino Microcontrollers
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • SolidWorks
  • Tinkercad


Kubi Telepresence Robot

A number of schools across the country are trying the robotic technology out for the first time, including Nansemond-Suffolk Academy. This technology has become increasingly popular in K-12 classrooms during the pandemic, thanks to hybrid or blended learning models, where some students are in the classroom while others watch from home.

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Lower School student participating in virtual learning

Online learning is not a new concept for students at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, but the length of time they will have to use it is new. While NSA has a virtual learning plan that it has used in cases of inclement weather, when it closed school due to the coronavirus pandemic, the school held off on virtual learning for a week. Rather than rush right in, faculty took time to research additional online tools to deliver lessons, to practice using them and to create lessons for several weeks.

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