A College Preparatory Private School with Two Campuses in Suffolk, VA. Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12.


Pre-K student

Wonder, Discovery and Exploration

Imagination fuels learning in our pre-kindergarten classrooms. Whether it is through collaborative group play or a simple chance event like the discovery of an insect on the playground, everyday activities are viewed as exciting learning opportunities.
Our youngest Saints thrive in a safe and secure environment where passionate educators are committed to their academic, social and character development. From first discoveries to lasting skills, NSA’s pre-kindergarten program provides students with a joyful introduction to the classroom experience and a solid foundation for the future. 
Pre-K students participating in circle time

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Pre-kindergarten students are immersed in a highly collaborative environment where their innate curiosity is nurtured and valued as an important part of the learning process.
We encourage students to ask questions in an effort to guide them in finding solutions and making decisions as independent thinkers. Through exploration and play, students practice early learning skills for future academic growth, and more importantly, they begin to develop a love for school and for learning.  Pre-kindergarten classrooms are set up in age-appropriate centers that include dramatic play, art, puzzles, manipulatives, games, blocks and building, sand/water tables, science materials and books. The literature-based curriculum focuses on a different children’s book each week. The learning objectives and activities are always easily adapted to different readiness levels and encourage the development of letter recognition and phonemic awareness, math concepts and basic science and social studies skills. As children’s skills develop and the curriculum advances, corresponding materials are added to the centers and new activities are introduced.
Several community helpers, such as firemen, dentists and local artists, visit our Pre-K classes throughout the year, sharing and demonstrating their skills with the children. In the spring, in celebration of The Week of the Young Child, parents visit the classrooms and enjoy a display of Pre-K artwork and a program of songs presented by the children.
The pre-kindergarten program also emphasizes social, emotional and physical development. As students progress through the curriculum, self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making are addressed in developmentally appropriate and engaging ways. Learning how to share, take turns, negotiate, wait one's turn and make friends are very important lessons in pre-kindergarten. With our faculty’s love and support, the children develop conīŦdence and independence and are well-prepared for kindergarten.



Pre-K student

Enrichment Classes


We could not have imagined the opportunity for growth that NSA’s pre-kindergarten program offered our son. He was immersed in an environment that allowed him to explore, learn and grow that also encouraged creativity, independence and collaboration. The teachers, assistants and staff are passionately devoted to early childhood development and innovative ways to encourage children to learn. NSA’s investment in our son exceeded our expectations. We only wish we had enrolled him sooner!

NSA Parent


Pre-Kindergarten teacher reading to the class

Admission Requirements

Pre-K2: Two years old by the first day of school of the enrollment year

Pre-K3: Three years old by September 30 of the enrollment year*

Pre-K4: Four years old by September 30 of the enrollment year*

*To enroll in this class, children must be fully toilet trained by the first day of school.


Pre-Kindergarten Administration and Staff

We look forward to partnering with you to provide your child with a joyful introduction to the classroom and a solid foundation for the future.