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Middle School


Nansemond-Suffolk Academy's Middle School convenes sixth, seventh and eighth graders. With Honor Above All as our guiding principle, we seek to develop well-rounded young people in a safe and nurturing environment. The Middle School years provide the opportunity for our students to explore new areas of interest, as well as the chance to build upon the activities in which they are already involved.

These years are without a doubt one of the most influential times in a young person's life. During this time of development, young adolescents push boundaries, try on new personalities, and develop a better sense of self. Along this journey, social relationships gain greater importance. With so much change and growth, it is essential for all members of the community – teachers, students, coaches, and parents to help guide our students through the many changes they will experience.

Middle School students are both supported but challenged throughout the core classes. All students take English, math, science, history/world geography, a modern or classical language, physical education (daily), and an elective (band, chorus, art and STEM). Academic teachers also serve as advisors to students, providing yet another avenue to support social and academic growth.

We engage students in a variety of community service activities both on and off campus in order to foster a sense of compassion and respect for others. 

Program Descriptions

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  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth grade at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy provides a positive learning environment as students transition into the formative years of Middle School. Emphasis is placed on encouraging self-discipline, responsibility and independence. Students benefit from our 1:1 Program, as an integral part of the academic experience. The Chromebook is utilized in each academic subject area not only to enhance the course of study but also to develop computer literacy and cyber ethics. Through interdisciplinary project work, students make connections between the overarching themes presented. We encourage critical and independent thinking skills to ensure their success as Middle School students.
  • Seventh Grade

    The interdisciplinary approach to learning in the seventh grade program at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy provides students with ongoing opportunities to see patterns and make connections within their academic environment and the world around them. Significant objectives are to help students develop critical thinking skills, improve research, writing, and oral communication competencies, and strengthen study and organizational habits with an emphasis on time management. Student learning is assessed using a variety of traditional and alternative assessments. The continuation of the 1:1 Program supports the learning process in each academic area. The seventh grade teachers work closely as a team to ensure that academic goals support the school’s mission and are achieved through the implementation of pedagogical best practices.
  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth grade at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy offers the opportunity for students to complete their studies at the Middle School level and prepare to face the challenges of the Upper School. Students are exposed to a curriculum that is both varied and developmentally appropriate. Through a differentiated curriculum, students may choose some courses based on individual interest, while the core classes provide a firm foundation for future academic endeavors. Emphasis is placed on developing study habits and organizational skills. The team approach offers a cohesive educational experience. The culmination of the eighth grade year is a capstone project, which includes a composition and an oral presentation component.

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