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Upper School Instructor Attends Summer Seminar for Holocaust Educators

Upper School Instructor Attends Summer Seminar for Holocaust Educators
At the end of June, Upper School Instructor Mrs. Laura Dobrin ’87 attended The Defiant Requiem Foundation’s Schächter Summer Seminar for Holocaust educators.  
The four-day virtual seminar included a mixture of sessions, including intensive discussion of the story of Defiant Requiem and the Foundation’s educational materials as well as content sessions on contemporary forms of cultural resistance and global antisemitism in the present day. Mrs. Dobrin was chosen to participate in the seminar based on her years of experience as a teacher and her demonstrated commitment to best practices in Holocaust education. Upon completion of this seminar, Mrs. Dobrin was named a teaching ambassador for the foundation.
The Defiant Requiem Foundation strives to promote awareness and understanding of the dangers of anti-Semitism and Holocaust ignorance and denial by presenting the singular story, and one with universal application, of Rafael Schächter and prisoners in the Terezín concentration camp during the Holocaust, who used music and art as an act of defiance to maintain their humanity, dignity, hope and inspiration. Using original performance art, documentary film and new educational materials geared for middle and high school students, the foundation offers a unique approach to addressing contemporary issues of bigotry, human rights violations, mass atrocity and genocide crimes. To learn more about the foundation, please visit https://www.defiantrequiem.org/.


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