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Making Global Connections in Middle School

Middle School students reading letters from their French pen pals
To apply what they have learned in French I, seventh and eighth grade students are participating in a pen pal program with a middle school, Colège Victor Duruy, that is located in Châlon-en-Champagne, a city about an hour east of Paris, France.
In early November, the students exchanged an introductory video, and then individual pen pals were matched and selected. They received their first letter on November 18, and the excitement in the room was undeniable!
“I'm really looking forward to communicating with someone in French using the things I've learned in class,” said Raquel Vazquez ’27. The students will continue writing to their pen pals in French throughout the year to improve their reading and writing skills and to demonstrate the practical application of being proficient in another language. More importantly, they will gain insight into the day-to-day activities of someone who is the same age but who lives in a different country. “I hope that this project brings French to life for students,” said Middle School French Instructor Mrs. Sherry Ferguson.
Taylor Bradshaw ’27 said that she is enjoying learning about her pen pal, Clara, who “really likes her pets and loves her family.” In getting to know one another, the students will recognize all of their similarities and will appreciate their cultural differences, expanding their knowledge about the world around them while creating lasting friendships. “What excites me the most is the fact that we get to make new friends, even if they are across the globe,” said Alexis Devers ’27. Daniel Rodriguez ’27 has learned more about his pen pal’s family and that she likes the Harry Potter series, while Peyton Akers ’27 has already discovered many similarities with his pen pal.
“Hearing my students say, ‘When can we write another letter?’ is proof enough that this is a worthwhile adventure,” said Mrs. Ferguson.


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