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Advanced Art Students Create Portraits for Global Kindness

Advanced Art Students Created Portraits for the Memory Project
In Advanced Art, Upper School students participated in The Memory Project, an art exchange program that facilitates the creation and delivery of heartfelt artwork from youth to youth throughout the world, striving to break cultural barriers, bring joy to children facing challenges, inspire creativity and build a kinder world.
Students received digital photographs of youth from Cameroon, who range in age from 12 to 15 years old. After studying the photographs and choosing a medium for their creation, each student created a 9 x12 portrait of a child. The portraits were the students' final project after studying how to draw the human face by using value, shape and texture. They will be mailed to Cameroon at the end of March. On the back of each portrait, the students will draw an outline of their hand to symbolically shake hands or give a high-five to the child and also will include their name, age, a photo and a brief message. Representatives from the Memory Project will deliver the portraits, along with several thousand others, and will send a video of the delivery that captures the children’s excitement when they receive the portraits.
“It's bittersweet to send these portraits away to our kids. We have all put so much love, time, and effort into making them the best we could. I think many of us would say this is our best and favorite piece of artwork we have ever done. I feel such a connection to it, and I hope they enjoy them as much as we enjoyed drawing them.” Emma Conrod '22
The Memory Project was founded by Ben Schumaker in 2004. Since Ben had always enjoyed creating portraits for friends and family in school art classes, he had the idea to organize art teachers and their students to create portraits that could serve as positive and heartfelt memories for children around the world. Once he started delivering these portraits, he realized that they also helped to build feelings of international friendship and solidarity. The portraits seemed to make the world a little smaller and kinder, and that is what the Memory Project is all about. To learn more about the Memory Project, visit www.memoryproject.org.




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