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Our passionately engaged and supportive community continually challenges and guides students to discover their individual strengths.

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Our programs and extracurricular offerings provide opportunities for leadership, for experiential learning and for students to pursue ideas and interests that inspire them.

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From academics to athletics to the arts, students find classmates - plus teachers, coaches and advisors - who challenge them to take their ideas to the next level, who support them when they’re in doubt and who cheer them on when they confront their biggest obstacles. It’s this kind of community that helps students feel confident stepping outside of their comfort zones and taking the positive risks they need to become their best selves.

Emily Munson
Mike Biehl
Haley Webb '07
Renee Perry Mitchell
Joey Seal
Kimberly Work
Richard Murphy
Lower School Instructor Emily Munson

"I love the enthusiasm and excitement for learning that our students bring to the classroom every day. Their passion motivates me to be a better teacher and pushes me to find new ways to make my lessons engaging and inspiring. Teachers are supported by the administration to pursue professional development opportunities and are continually encouraged to grow our teaching craft. My amazing coworkers offer a strong support system both in and out of the classroom. We truly are a family at NSA!" 

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CAE Instructor Mike Biehl

"NSA is more than a school. It is a community that is made up of people who only want to see each other succeed at the highest level. To be able to teach and coach in an environment that has that type of support is special and something I do not take for granted. I can honestly say I love working at NSA, because the people I have been lucky enough to connect with during my time here are considered much more than students, co-workers and fellow coaches. They are my family."

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Upper School Instructor Haley Webb

"As an NSA student for 14 years and as a faculty member, I have logged far more waking hours at NSA than I ever did at home! Very few people are lucky enough to have a job that makes them feel supported, challenged and fulfilled every day. NSA is a place where kindness, inclusiveness and integrity are the norm and where community and school spirit extend far beyond pep rallies. Teachers have the freedom to teach in ways that are new and exciting, and students have the opportunity to follow their passions, both in and out of the classroom."

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Upper School Chorus and Theatre Instructor Renee Perry Mitchell

"At NSA, the entire staff is committed to knowing and encouraging our students. Everyone is constantly working to better the quality education and experience that we offer. I love being a part of this team!"

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Middle School Teacher and Varsity Baseball Coach Joey Seal

"I love the sense of community that exists at NSA. Everyone is provided with all of the tools needed to succeed, and they are encouraged to be the absolute best they can be. There is a certain energy that you can feel as soon as you step on campus, and it continues in the classroom and on the playing fields. It is truly a special place!"

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Teaching Assistant Kimberly Work

“NSA fosters an environment of honor, respect, integrity and community. Students, faculty, and staff are challenged each day to be the best version of themselves and to push beyond boundaries to promote personal growth. I am inspired by the level of commitment and dedication teachers give to their students, and the reciprocated love students have for their teachers. The NSA community is a family above all else, and I feel grateful to be a part of it as a teacher and a parent.”

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Upper School Instructor Richard Murphy

“What I have found most rewarding while working at NSA is being with so many highly creative and talented students as their teacher and advisor. I’m proud to be in this group of professional educators and coaches who truly care about developing the intellect and character of each individual student through academics, service clubs, the fine arts and athletics."

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Well-Prepared for College and Beyond

We encourage a variety of interests and strong values for future success. Along the way, passions and talents are unveiled in a way that can only happen in a nurturing community. As a result, NSA students are well-prepared to reach their maximum potential in college and life.

Alumnus Noah Giles

Business Intelligence Analyst, Atlantic Bay Mortgage 

"NSA has a wide variety of opportunities for people to explore. For instance, I was able to play football and participate in theatre. I was able to experience things maybe I would not have tried at other schools."

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Alumna Dani Howell

General Dentist, Howell Dentistry

"I received an excellent education that prepared me very well and served as a solid foundation for my many years of schooling beyond NSA. The values helped shape the person I have become, and the community introduced me to some of the people I hold as my closest friends still today."

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Alumnus Austin Gies

Georgia Tech, Mechanical Engineering

"NSA encouraged me to follow my own pursuits and interests and supported me in those endeavors. All of the teachers showed me great compassion and helped me to develop as an individual and become the person that I am today."

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Alumna Paige McCauley

Virginia Tech, Class of 2022

"NSA is a very close community that became my second family. My time at NSA was instrumental in helping me with my confidence and my compassion for others. NSA will always be an important part of my life and gave me so many wonderful memories."

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Alumna Jessica Pieroni Litman

Project Manager

"The small, supportive community that NSA offers is extremely unique. Classmates, teammates, coaches and teachers help you grow and develop in ways no other school can offer. From the beginning, I was pushed to excel both in and outside the classroom, helping mold me into the person I am today. At NSA I learned about myself and grew to be confident in everything I do." 

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Alumnus Saurabh Surendra '99

Program Manager, Strategic Workforce Planning, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

"I feel that my most significant contributions and accomplishments are still ahead of me. The solid educational foundation that I received and love of learning that was reinforced during my time at NSA enables me to continue to pursue opportunities that I didn’t previously imagine were possible." 

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Alumnus Dr. Adam Henderson

Owner, Tidewater Animal Clinic

"There’s no doubt you can be successful wherever you go; however, NSA provided smaller classes with more opportunity to tailor the learning experience to each student. Starting in preschool, we learned the value of the finished product being a reflection of our commitment to the job. In upper school, I took almost every AP and honors class offered in math and science, which prepared me for the next eight years of education."

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